Project Coordination

Window Installation Project Coordination

The key to an effective window installation is well-coordinated teamwork. Ecker project coordinators are highly experienced in bringing together the factory, the installation crews, the management company and, where applicable, the co-op or condo board. On large projects, the on-site project coordinator serves as the liaison between these groups.


Trained in facilitating communications as well as project management, our on-site coordinators are responsible for:

  • Informing tenants how to prepare for installation and what to expect
  • Updating management and tenants on project progress
  • Installation review
  • Educating tenants on how to use their new windows
  • Scheduling installation appointments at each apartment

During the project, the on-site coordinator also ensures that all hallways and elevators are prepared for the increased traffic an installation will bring. They make sure drop cloths are in place and that all surfaces are protected. Afterwards, they make sure that all floors are vacuumed thoroughly and that, except for the new windows, tenants and management cannot tell that a large-scale installation project just took place.