Window technology has changed dramatically

Window Technology

window technology has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to do so. Once, single pane glass was the industry standard, now double pane insulated glass has taken its place. Double pane glass obviously reduces heat loss, noise infiltration and dust and dirt infiltration. Panes can be tinted, even have Argon gas between them to further reduce cold, heat and ultra violet light penetration.

It’s essential to know the technology available to match the needs of your building. Not all buildings need or want the latest technology. And some, for instance landmark buildings, might want the technology couched in aesthetics that hide some of those features.

A quality window company not only supplies windows, but also solutions to a variety of installation problems. A quality window company will work with you to find innovative ways to deliver and install a product that matches your needs. It will send representatives back to your building weeks and even months after the job is complete to double and triple check their work.

To maintain the highest quality beyond the manufacturer of the window itself. It’s important that the window contractor you work with have engineering capabilities. To highlight this, our engineers at Ecker Window Corp. recently discovered, prior to the installation of 4,100 windows in a New Jersey property, that by creating a customized offset clip to attach the windows to the existing frames, we could install new windows without reducing the daylight openings. This saved the property a great deal of money by not having to replace the frames, it saved time on the job (therefore keeping disruption to residents at a minimum) and it didn’t sacrifice any window function.

On many occasions, our engineers have been able to reduce the time it takes to complete projects by customizing installation methods for specific jobs and matching the project with the right installation crew.

In the window industry, it’s essential for the buyer to understand the quality of the product, the guarantees behind it and most importantly, the experience of the men installing the windows. Te best manufactured window in the world isn’t worth the price if the people installing it don’t do a proper job.¤