Making a retrofit window replacement run smoothly is more than just finding a suitable produceteamwork from the job’s three major players the window company, the management company and of course the coop or condo board is needed.
Management companies need to take specific detailed steps and ask particular questions before a window replacement job is awarded. The first thing you have to remember is you’re buying a company.A manager should look for a with a long track record of quality and service. One thing Ecker suggests is that managers and board members visit a window firm’s facility. A firsthand examination of a window company at work will allow you to evaluate the product and the service commitment that stands behind it.

Another way to safeguard against choosing the wrong window company is to examine past installations. Look at various jobs ranging in age two to 10 years old to examine the windows for appearance and durability. If possible, canvas the managing agent for his or her comments about the window company. Another important question you need to ask a prospective window company is whether they make their own windows. Many educated managers prefer to deal with a company who is a manufacturer and an installer because it eliminates the problems that can arise from dealing with multiple contractors.

“If I have any questions or problems about my windows, I want to make just one phone call,” explained Saul Spitz, president, East Island Management. “As established manufacturer/installer will stand behind the product as well as the service.”

Once you feel comfortable with the background of a window company, take a look at their installation procedures. Visiting an ongoing installation and closely monitoring the pilot installation are the best ways to gauge a company’s installation expertise. Make certain that the installation crews are uniformed and fully insured and are certified to meet window industry standards for installation excellence.

Also a nonworking supervisor should be present to trouble shoot any difficulties that may arise.

To minimize installation headaches make certain the window company has a wel lthought out coordination program. Tenants should be informed of all installation procedures and scheduling to make an installation project run smoothly. At Ecker, we make sure our installation crews protect floors, hallways, and apartment furnishings with drop cloths and plastic covering.¤